My name is John Statham and I have a garden centre (details below) which operates out of my home in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.  It is set in the middle of a pine forest, with the shade plants under the pines and the sun plants in what used to be the paddocks.  The old horse barn is used to house pots.

John’s Garden
4300 Concession 7
Uxbridge, ON, L9P 1R4

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/johnsgardeninuxbridge
Twitter:  @PerennialJohn
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnsgardeninuxbridge/

We are open to the public:
May – September:    Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00am – 5:00pm
                October:    Tuesday – Sunday from 9:00am – 5:00pm
           November:    Thursday – Sunday from 9:00am – 4:00pm

We carry a variety of plants; Perennials, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Evergreens, Annuals, Edibles (veggies, fruit, fruit trees, herbs), Tropicals, Succulents. As well, we have a small selection of furniture, chosen to be unique and of good quality, and garden ornaments, including metal sculptures, birding accessories, including a great selection of hummingbird feeders, fertilizers (with a focus on organic fertilizers), as well as most things you’d expect to find at a garden centre. Unfortunately, we no longer carry soils and mulches as our location in the woods makes it impossible to get a tractor trailer in.

Officially, we are zone 5 (Canadian) but I like to experiment with plants that aren’t supposed to grow here. I have a number of Zone 6 plants and even a few Zone 7 plants, positioned for optimal drainage and where the snow gets blown in the winter for extra protection.

As a plant collector myself, the nursery has collections of various plants that I am fond of (read obsessed). We currently have large collections of Hostas, Grasses (one of my loves and one of my speaking subjects), Peonies (primarily Itoh peonies), Hydrangea, Echinacea, Heuchera, Hens & Chicks and other hardy succulents, and Japanese Maples (with varieties carefully chosen to thrive in our climate – I save the marginal ones for my garden 🙂 )

88 Responses to About

  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Can’t wait to visit you again in the Spring.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi John

    I was looking around my area, Oshawa, for some Amaryllis bulbs to purchase for Christmas gifts. By the look of your articles you have some! What are your hours this time of year and what are the cost of the different sizes of bulbs….

    Thanks for your response


    • johnsgarden says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I’m open Tuesday – Sunday, 8:00am-5:00pm. I’ll probably close for the season on Sunday, Dec 19. Having said that, I’m afraid I’m out of Amaryllis bulbs.


  3. Linda Thompson says:

    Hi John..looking forward to seeing u again at our Millbrook Garden club meeting next Wednesday June 1 at St Thomas Church..its been awhile since Sheridan nurseries in Unionville. Hal Avery passed away May 9 and his wife Liz Avery is a good friend and member of the club. If u have a fern leafed peony and a Remember Me hosta could u please bring them next week. What is a ITOH peony? Is there a grass as beautiful as ribbon/zebra and if so please bring that too. Let me know and Sharleen said u were bringing plants to sell so this is just an advance order.Thanks a lot..phone Linda

  4. cindy sweeting says:

    Hello i’m just trying to figure out where you are located. Could you send me a map? I live just outside of Peterborough. Thank you Cindy Sweeting

  5. Mark says:

    Hello John,

    I have a small pond that I would like to do some planting in and around.

    When I’m canoeing around here the Cardinal flower is one of my favorates – was thinking of planting this and other wet loving plants. Do you carry seeds for this?

    When do you open??
    All the best on this wonderful spring day!

  6. Sharon says:

    I am looking for a Pussy Willow tree/shrub (salix discolor) I believe, would you sell this?

    • johnsgarden says:

      Hi Sharon,

      We usually have a few in tree form (S. caprea Pendula, S. repens Nitida) and a bunch of different willows in shrub form. I haven’t carried S. discolor in the past, but shouldn’t have a problem getting them in.

  7. brent klause says:

    hey john. do you do mail order?? looking for some itoh peonies. brent klause, saskatoon

  8. Maggie says:

    John when will you open for this years season? We saw you at Canada blooms and would like to buy some blue Zebra plants, we drove up to Uxbridge and noticed your sign was down. Hope to hear from you. Thanks, Maggie

    • johnsgarden says:

      Hi there – We had set April 19th as the opening date, but we still have lots of snow so I’m thinking that might not be feasible. Hopefully it will be the following Friday, April 26. May 3 at the latest

  9. Peter O'Leary says:

    Hi John, I am looking for a few specific hostas and I am wondering if you have any or all of them:
    “Dick Ward” – “Blue Jay” – “Dragon Tails”

    Thank you.

  10. Peter O'Leary says:

    Thanks John. I appreeciate your speedy response

  11. Maggie says:

    Hi John, my husband and I were looking for you at Canada blooms this year, sorry we didn’t see you, we were wondering whether you will have any blue Zebra plants this year, also, when will you be opening this spring?


  12. Michelle says:

    YOUR HIM ! … My wife and I came up last weekend. We had a discussion with you about some staff from another place. We told you about this guy we would go to because he knew EVERYTHING ! We nicknamed him “Perenial John”, that’s you and yes you did have more hair, too bad you can’t grow that !
    We had a GREAT time at your garden center, it’s a BRILLIANT concept and is truly UNIQUE. We’ll be coming up this weekend to, looking forward to seeing you. Hopefully there be a cooler with water and pop.
    C U L8R
    Grant & Michelle

  13. Donna Wishart says:

    John, I have recently mourned the death of my 30 yr old gas plant ( dictamnus albus?)… A pink one. It just seems to have expired for no apparent reason. Do you carry this plant, or can you acquire them? I would be thrilled if you did…

    • johnsgarden says:

      Hi there. I have them in stock. Saw a pink one blooming yesterday.

      • Donna Wishart says:

        Fantastic. I’m at the cottage in Haliburton right now and I know they aren’t fond of moving. Would it be best to get it from you in September? ( if you have two, my brother-in-law, a botanist who started my original, may want one too. I will check.)

  14. johnsgarden says:

    they’re container grown and can be planted at any time

  15. Patricia Phillips says:

    Hi John and wonderful staff,

    I was recommended to come to your wonderful nursery and I wandered about with a lovely landscaper (Sean) who told me all about the plants he loved. I came away with plants to start a new garden as we have moved to a tiny place in Markham with a backyard of grass. My 70 year old knees can only take so much digging (clay soil!), but I plan on coming every weekend to add more lovely plants to a prosperous (hopefully) backyard.
    Please also note that I have a prosperous coffee business here (23 years) so I’ll bring you a lb. of our house blend and then maybe you might think to serve coffee while your customers wander.
    See you on the weekend!

    Pat Phillips,
    the Coffee Loft,

  16. Patricia says:

    My new garden (last year) contains most of your perennials. Am looking forward to coming to you again this year! Love the atmosphere and how helpful you, as well as other customers are when wandering in the pine forest.

  17. Avril says:

    Do you have Christmas hostas?

  18. Linne Dobbin says:

    Hi john, do you have Athyrium Godzilla in stock?

    • johnsgarden says:

      HI there,

      We have 34 left (out of 126 – we’ve had to restock twice)

      We are recommending that if people want them, that they have them reserved as they’ve been selling so fast. I’ve now cleared the grower out of them so we won’t be able to restock after this

  19. Susan Madden says:

    Do you have fruit or vegetable plants?

  20. Andrew peake says:

    Got your website through a friend. I am looking for a grower that deals with native species. In particular trilliums or more specific Painted trilliums. I am trying to reintroduce them to a forested area on a property I own and am working on. Is this something you have carried or ever grown.
    Andrew Peake

  21. Mary Delaney says:

    Hello, John –
    We have bought in Peterborough and while visiting the Ecological Garden there, in pursuit of tree inspiration, I asked the very knowledgeable young lady if she had any Beauty Bushes. Ours is spectacular! She had never heard of it. I searched and found a wonderful article describing its many features and was delighted to see they could be obtained at your garden centre, which I have always meant to visit. We live in North Pickering. Do you have any in stock?
    We’re also considering a Serviceberry tree, a crabapple, pagoda dogwood, and a viburnum. As you can surmise, we’re going for native, tough, 4-season trees that will provide a screen and a attract birds, while tolerating the nastiness that climate change is throwing at us.
    Peterborough is a very sandy soil, and can have tough winters and hot summers. Or unexpected winter thaws and wet springs. But then again, where doesn’t now?:-( Which is why we want tough.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
    Mary Delaney,

    • johnsgarden says:

      Hi there – we’re out of beauty bush (Kolkwitzia) and serviceberry trees, but we do have crabapples, pagoda dogwood, viburnums – many more tough trees and shrubs – pure sand here so knowledgeable in that department

  22. Adriana says:

    We came to your garden last spring and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful plants you have. We were wondering if you have the Sunny Knock Out Hedge Rose available?



    • johnsgarden says:

      clearly I need to look at the blog more often than I have – I carried Sunny Knock Out one year, but wasn’t terribly impressed so I haven’t had it since

  23. Tina Code says:

    Hi John,
    My Itoh peony bloomed its first season! It was beautiful.
    I wondered if you have Singing in the Rain Itoh peony this year?

    Thank you,
    Tina Code

  24. Anne Stanley says:

    Hi John. Do i have to buy wholesale? I’d just like some plants for my garden.

    • johnsgarden says:

      clearly I need to look at the blog more often – yes, you ca just buy a few plants – we are open for retail as well – although with new restrictions this year that I’ve just a post up about

  25. Shawn says:

    I’m looking for birch branch or pole for my planters in front of my house for decorating . Do you have any?. Thanks

  26. Chris Hurrle says:

    Hi John,
    My daughter would like to grow some asparagus. Do you carry asparagus crowns so we can get some started in our garden? Thank you for any information you can offer.

  27. MW says:

    Hi John,
    How are you doing? Are you carry the fruit mulberry tree and figs plant this year? Last year I was too late to get one. Thanks!

    • johnsgarden says:

      we only carry the mulberries in weeping form – still have one left from last year (didn’t sell out, so I’m not sure what happened there) – no figs this year

  28. Lynn Enright says:

    Looking for primrose for my beds

  29. Cathy says:

    When might you open and when will you have vegetable plants for sale?

    • johnsgarden says:

      sorry for the delay – I haven’t looked at the blog for quite some time and have been overwhelmed this year – we do have vegetables, but are running low – hopefully you called

  30. Kathy says:

    I’m hopeful that you have the following

    – Aralia racemosa
    – Amelanchier canadensis (tree form?)
    – Lindera benzoin

    Fingers crossed!

    Thank you

  31. Connie Powers says:

    Hi john: do you have any perennial ferns?

  32. Cheryl Miller says:

    Do u have a burning bush ? Would it grow ok in this zone ?

  33. Ruth says:

    Hi John, I am looking for stand by me clematis and etolie Rose clematis, do you have either of those for sale?

  34. JK Wichert says:

    May I order some shade and drought tolerant plants from you and flats of annuals?

    • johnsgarden says:

      hi there – sorry for the delay – I haven’t looked at the blog in years (not enough time) – I’ve just put a post up about how we are doing things with covid procedures

  35. larry emo says:

    John do you still have in stock the perennial orchard


  36. Lorne McNeil says:

    Hey John
    Lorne McNeil here
    I help John Kerstens lol after the McCutheon property
    Do you have any tomato plants (Roma) in stock
    I would like to make a day trip tomorrow ( Sunday) with my wife

  37. Peg Irwin says:

    Hi John, I have always loved coming to your garden centre, I feel immersed in Nature. Is it possible to come any other day than the public days,? I have a compromised immune system and cannot be around a lot of people?

    • johnsgarden says:

      Hi there – I’ve just put a post up about how we are working with Covid – I’m guessing this will work with you (we’ve had people in with other compromises, including a lung trasnplant)

  38. Jenny says:

    Hi. Just wondering if you Ave in stick any of the following, ‘Baby Joe’ Dwarf Joe Pye Weed, milk weed ( orange in colour), Christmas fern and bee balm.

  39. Felicity Lukace says:

    Hello I was in earlier buying plants and I was looking for a witch hazel. I bought a lovely one last year and was told to request online. I also have a client interested in a magnolia. Could you please send me a price range , type and size. Thank you in advance as I know you are very busy!

    • johnsgarden says:

      We do actually have the witch hazels – wintered from last year – sorry about that – if you go the main page, there’s an updated availability there, that lists the magnolias we have

  40. Ron says:

    Do you sell red sentinel japanese maples

  41. Pat janeiro says:

    Do you have any vegetable plants?

  42. M Wong says:

    Do you have a common fig?

  43. Aileen moore says:

    Do you still have the three sized white containers.

  44. Donna Dingman says:

    Looking fir this plant or their seeds. Can you help?

  45. Ron says:

    Please advise how to order Amaryllis bulbs and do you mail or UPS to Markham?
    Thank you

    • johnsgarden says:

      Download the form and fill it out and email it in (johns_garden@hotmail.com) – I’m behind updating the form – sold out of Elvas and exotic peacock) – afraid we don’t ship – pick up only

  46. Karen Paterson says:

    Hi John, do you have any daffodil or tulip bulbs left?

    Thanks Karen

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