At Last

Well, it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve added anything here. Sorry about that.


We have been raising money for The New Animal Shelter since 2014. We started with our annual giveaway. On the Civic holiday long weekend, we’ve always made what was left of the annuals free. In 2014, we asked for a donation for the animal shelter with the free annuals. People have been very generous over the years and we’ve raised approximately $2500.

This year, I was given the opportunity to kick it up a notch. We have 85 new roses called At Last. It’s a new introduction from Proven Winners and isn’t available commercially in Canada this year. It will be available next year. We currently have 25 of these roses that we are raffling. For every $5.00 someone donates to the New Animal Shelter, we give them a ballot and we’ll draw for the winners on the Tuesday after Labour Day; September 5, 2017.  Once we’ve raised $500, we’ll add a rose for every additional $20 raised. This will keep the odds of winning a rose at 1 in 4.  We have up to 70 roses in total, so until we’ve raised $1400, the odds will remain at 25%.  If we raise more than $1400, the odds will go down, but not substantially.



We received 10 roses initially, and they were kept in our back area. Plants in the back area don’t receive a lot of attention. These initial 10 roses have been sitting back there for just over 3 months, with the rest being added about a month ago, roughly (it’s hard to keep track of time during the spring and early summer as we’re so busy).  They have had to deal with tons of rain this year, cooler than normal temperatures, a few hot spells where they should have been watered more frequently than they have been, and have never been deadheaded.  THEY LOOK AMAZING!  Tons of blooms and the foliage is so clean!  I have never been so impressed with a rose before.


This beautiful apricot blend floribunda rose was bred in 2010, and introduced in 2015. It has a wonderful strong fragrance. I went down to where we are keeping them to take pictures and I could smell them from 25 feet away. They are disease resistant.  I saw no sign of black spot, even though this is a banner year for fungus problems on plants because of the weather.  I also didn’t see any sign of bug problems.  No chewed foliage, and the flowers were being allowed to complete their cycle.  Wow!  It’s a continuous bloomer and will do so without deadheading.  It’s also not an overly big rose, making it easier to work into a landscape or mixed garden. It’s listed as between two and half and three feet tall, with a similar spread.  Here’s a link to the Proven Winners page about the rose:


In 2011, a group of volunteers started raising money to build a new animal shelter for Uxbridge and Scugog townships. The current shelter is getting old, it’s condition is deteriorating, and was only built to house 16 cats and 7 dogs. The population in the area has increased substantially since it was built and it routinely has twice the number of animals that it was built for. Structural concerns prevent a renovation and the site doesn’t allow for an expansion. The new location will fix these problems, and allow ample outdoor space for the animals. The existing shelter is a no-kill shelter and the new one will be as well. The townships had set aside funds to replace the shelter in the long-term, but the need is more urgent for an updated shelter before then. Both townships have committed $240,000 each to the project.



The New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge-Scugog has, to date, raised $1,080,000 towards their goal of $1,700,000. They have more than 100 volunteers helping with this and have put together a number of fundraisers. The bulk of this money has been raised by citizens and businesses through these fundraisers and by private donation, which is amazing. Building is expected to begin in 2018 with the shelter to open late next year. Their website is:


Come by, make a donation for this great cause, get a ballot for this amazing rose, and get some free annuals. I’m adding to the selection of freebies on a regular basis. I just added most of the hanging baskets yesterday and will add the rest as room becomes available on the benches.




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