2014 06 19 – Camera Happy

I ran around taking pictures of the plants that will be included in this weekend’s sale. I just couldn’t resist taking a few other shots of flowers that caught my eye, so that’s what I have for you today. And just in case you think I’m getting predictable in showing pictures here of what’s going to be on sale this weekend, I have purposely left them out of this post. You’ll have to check for my facebook post later.

I didn’t take notes as I went around, so I don’t necessarily have variety names listed here. If there’s a pic that you just have to know what variety it is, send me a message and I’ll get it for you.

First off, are a couple from my own gardens, starting with Abelia mosanensis, which has the most amazing fragrance. You’d swear you were somewhere in the tropics. When the breeze is just right, it wafts into the back yard as well as through the open bedroom window and into the main floor of the house. The next two are Pinus parviflora Goldilocks, which looks it’s best with the bright yellow new needles coming out. The fourth shot is Kolkwitzia Pink Cloud, which has been amazing every spring since I pruned off the oldest stems five years ago. Last, but not least, is Calycanthus Hartlage Wine (Carolina allspice), a wonderful shrub with gorgeous flowers. It grows larger in the shade than it does in the sun.

Abelia mosanensis Pinus parviflora Goldilocks 02 Pinus parviflora Goldilocks 01 Kalmia Little Linda - buddingCalycanthus Hartlage Wine

There are a lot of plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and a lot of them are coming into bloom now in the garden centre.

Tanacetum Robinson's Red Rudbeckia Indian Summer - opening Knautia Thunder and Lightning Helenium 01 Gaillardia Oranges and Lemons Gaillardia 03 Gaillardia 02 Gaillardia 01 Echinacea Pow Wow Wildberry - opening Echinacea Milkshake Buddleia 02 Buddleia 01 Agastache Kudos 01 Kniphofia First Sunrise

A couple of annuals caught my eye while I was wandering around. Torenias are great annuals for shade and with the demise of Impatiens, they’re ready to pick up the slack. Not to mention that they come in both upright and trailing varieties.

Torenia trailing 05 Torenia trailing 03 Torenia trailing 02 Torenia trailing 01 Torenia 02 Torenia 01

There’s lots of annuals in bloom, but the Angelonia and Calendula really stood out.

Angelonia 01 Calendula Bonbon Yellow Calendula Bon Bon Mix 02 Calendula Bon bon mix 01

I noticed that the perennial cacti were just starting to bloom, then threw in some pics of the various Delosperma for all of the succulent lovers.

Opuntia 01 Delosperma 05 Delosperma 04 Delosperma 03 Delosperma 02 Delosperma 01

Kalmia (mountain laurel) is a great broadleafed evergreen shrub for shade that I’ve avoided for years because of hardiness issues. Last year, I brought in two dwarf varieties that are supposed to be hardier, Little Linda and Elf, and then planted one to see how it held up to the winter. It looks great in my garden; no marks on the leaves, covered in flower buds – and after a very hard winter, I’m impressed. Here’s a close up of the individual flowers on Elf.Kalmia Elf 02

Penstemons have really improved the last couple of years and there’s getting to be more and more varieties that are reliable in our harsh climate.Penstemon Purple Riding Hood Penstemon Pina Colada Violet Penstemon Delft Blue Riding Hood Penstemon Delft Blue Riding Hood - buds

Osteospermum, for me at least, have always been great annuals so imagine my surprise when I came across three varieties that are supposed to be hardy. I’m guessing drainage will be key in getting them through the winter and have already set one of each aside to try.Osteospermum 03 Osteospermum 02 Osteospermum 01

And finally, a few shots that don’t really fit in above, but I just had to include them.Thalictrum Black Stockings 01 Salvia Madeleine Paeonia Itoh Berry Garcia Paeonia Coral Sunset Dictamnus rosea 02 Dictamnus rosea 01 Mellitis Royal Velvet Distinction


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