2014 06 10 – New Hostas

Two posts in one week! Can you believe it?

We’ve received a bunch of new Hostas from Q&Z Nurseries in Illinois this afternoon, as well as the new Field Guide to Hostas, signed by Mark Zilis. Knowing Hosta collectors as I do, I thought that, rather than just list the new ones, I give you some pictures. The pictures aren’t high res or anything like that, but they give you an idea. You can also get more information about each one from their site, qandznursery.com. Just go to the availability page and find the one you want to know more about.

They’ve arrived in liners, 2.25″ pots and 4″ pots. As we’ve done in the past, they will be available in their arrival sizes until we get them potted up. There are two varieties that I don’t have pictures for; Pitch Black (medium), and Itty Bitty (miniature – didn’t even see that one on their site)

Baby Booties - miniature

Baby Booties – miniature


Blackjack – Large

blue legend

Blue Legend – large NEW

blue pointer

Blue Pointer – medium-large NEW


Brutus – giant

blue tooth

Blue Tooth – medium NEW

carin's wedding

Carin’s Wedding – small


Bubbatini – small

cotton candy

Cotton Candy – medium


Corkscrew – small

denim jacket

Denim Jacket – small

deep space nine

Deep Space Nine – medium-large

dorset clown

Dorset Clown – small

dinner mint

Dinner Mint – small NEW

farewell party

Farewell Party – medium-large NEW

dream boat

Dream Boat – medium-large NEW


Geronimo – large NEW

frosted mini hearts

Frosted Mini Hearts – miniature

giantland sunny mouse ears

Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears – miniature

giantland mouse cheese

Giantland Mouse Cheese – miniature


Justine – small


Hypnosis – medium NEW

lion heart

Lionheart – medium


Kaleidochrome – small


Mingo – medium-large NEW


Mariachi – large NEW

paradise restored

Paradise Restored – medium


Oze – miniature

smokey mountains

Smokey Mountains – small NEW

powder keg

Powder Keg – medium-large

woodland elf

Woodland Elf – miniature

strawberry yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt – miniature


Zeppelin – medium-large

zebra stripes

Zebra Stripes – small NEW


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