2013 05 31 – Orchids

This year’s first run of orchids have arrived and there’s some great ones. A number of them are fragrant. Where I know the variety name, I’ve included it in the description.

There are 3 Vandas this year

Vanda Robert's Delight 'Red Berry' 01 Vanda Rasri Gold x Vanda Doctor Anek, No.2 02 Vanda Pachara Delight 01

In addition to the Oncidiums below, there are a few that haven’t opened yet, but they have buds, including Oncidium Sweet Sugar

Oncidium wilsonara Tiger Brew 'Pacific Holidays' 02 Oncidium Unk2 01  Oncidium Odorous Princess 'YH Twinstar' 02 Oncidium Heaven Scent 'Redolance' 02 Oncidium Btcm. Hwuluden Bee 'Wasp' 02 Oncidium Beallara Marfitch 'Howard Dream' 01Psychopsis papilio (Oncidium papilio) 01

We also have a few Cattleya. Not pictured is Cattleya Rlc Hwa Yuan Grace ‘Cat King’

Cattleya unk 02 Cattleya Rlc Memoria Helen Brown 'Full Moon' 02

There’s a nice selection of Miltonias this year too. Not open yet is Miltonia Lennart Karl Gottling #12. Andrea West ‘HOF’ is fragrant in the mornings that you can smell it from 4 feet away.

Miltonia Maui Mist 'Golden Gate' 01 Miltonia Lennart Karl Gottling 'Hula Skirt' 02 Miltonia Bert Field 'Eileen' 02 Miltonia Andrea West 'HOF' 01

Not shown below is Epidendrum floribundrum

Epidendrum Max Valley 'Shiranui' 03 Epidendrum Marble x Encyclia cordigera 01 Maxillaria tenuifolia 02Dendrobium Unaiwan Horizon 03 Dendrobium Burana Starlight 01 Dendrobium Burana Blue Star 02

There are six mini Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis Mini  Unk1 01 Phalaenopsis Mini Unk2 02 Phalaenopsis Mini Unk3 02 Phalaenopsis Mini Unk4 01 Phalaenopsis Mini Unk5 02 Phalaenopsis Mini Unk6 01

Any many “not-so-regular” Phalaenopsis.  There are a number of Phal’s that I haven’t included; wordpress is acting up so I’ve stopped here. If I can figure out what’s going wrong, I’ll add them

Phaelonopsis Unk01 01Phaelonopsis Unk02 01Phaelonopsis Unk03 02Phaelonopsis Unk04 01Phaelonopsis Unk05 02

Phaelonopsis Unk15 02 Phaelonopsis Unk14 02 Phaelonopsis Unk13 02Phaelonopsis Unk12 04Phaelonopsis Unk11 01

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I have a garden centre which operates out of my home in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada I write columns for a local paper, which I will include here
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  1. marsha says:

    Great nice to see

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