2012 12 03 – More Christmas Arrangements

After finishing up at the Urban Pantry, the next big job was at The Hobby Horse Arms. My part in BJ’s elaborate decorating plan (which included over 1000 lights), seemed very simple. In fact, it was, but it was time consuming. They had renovated the patio this past summer and wanted me to do something with the large planter boxes that lined the patio. Essentially, they are eight over-sized window boxes, each four feet long, and 15 inches deep and wide. They also have no soil, so the first thing I needed was 24 large pots to put in them so I had some soil to work in. My goal was to keep it simple and make it look as though each group of four planters were one long continuous box. I only have pictures of the one side because the other side was completed around 8:30pm, in the snow.2012-11-23 16.26.44 - Copy

After that, there were plenty of containers to make for orders 2012-11-25 15.27.29 - Copy2012-11-23 10.36.01 - Copy2012-11-29 11.11.412012-11-29 11.01.50 - Copy2012-11-29 11.11.10 - Copy2012-11-29 11.03.38 - Copy

and a few pairs just to have available to sell

2012-11-30 13.18.222012-11-30 13.18.402012-12-03 12.17.552012-11-30 13.17.35

While I was doing all of this, Judy was also busy, decorating over the garage, making swags and arrangements as well

2012-12-03 12.19.142012-11-29 11.02.06 - Copy2012-11-16 15.52.012012-11-16 15.51.422012-11-16 15.51.362012-11-16 15.51.09-12012-11-16 15.51.28-12012-11-16 15.50.532012-11-16 16.07.142012-11-17 11.16.542012-11-17 11.17.522012-11-18 15.58.592012-11-29 11.13.122012-11-29 11.12.56

Oliviah has also been making a number of containers as well as mesh wreaths2012-11-23 10.35.35 - Copy2012-11-23 10.35.23 - Copy2012-11-23 10.35.15 - Copy2012-11-29 11.12.242012-11-29 11.12.152012-11-29 11.02.47 - Copy

Yesterday, I was doing a little indoor decorating. After finding both pink and blue Christmas trees, I had to have them both. It was a lot of fun decorating them. Each tree has 98 ornaments on it, as well as 2 rolls of mesh and some garland.2012-12-03 09.02.362012-12-03 09.02.05

Of course, I also have a more traditional tree, which is still a work in progress. It only has 92 balls so far, as well as a roll of mesh and 2 rolls of ribbon.2012-12-03 09.03.02


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