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The amaryllis (yes, I know – Hippeastrum) have arrived and the mammoth bulbs are just that, mammoth.  They’re rated at 42 cm circumference and I can’t wait to see how many blooms they produce.  The bulb on the left is … Continue reading

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Fall Planting – 2010/10/26

I’m often asked, “Is it too late to plant?” The answer is usually no. Most trees, shrubs and perennials will do better if planted in the fall rather than in the spring. The ground is still relatively warm and the … Continue reading

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Incoming Tropicals – 2010/09/23

If you’re like me, you bring your houseplants outside for the summer and take them back inside for the winter. It’s not just a matter of bringing them in and taking them out though. The difference between the amount of … Continue reading

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Fall Colour – 2010/08/19

People often come in at this time of year saddened that there’s not much colour in their garden. This can often be attributed to the ‘Spring Gardener’ who does all of their planting in the spring and only in the … Continue reading

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Bugs Part 2 – 2010/08/16

Continuing on last week’s column, I have a new bug to talk about. There’s a worm, or probably more correctly, larva, that’s burrowing into the cones of echinacea (cone flower). I first noticed that some of the cones were turning … Continue reading

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Bugs – 2010/08/09

Not long ago, Nancy brought a couple of hostas to me with a few small holes in the leaves. A couple wanted to know what was eating the leaves. The holes were quite small, no bigger than 1 or 2 … Continue reading

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Watering – 2010/07/20

Sorry about the long absence, but we’ve been watering and watering…and watering. I’m having to get up in the night to run to the washroom because my dreams are filled with sprinklers and hoses and wands. I often hear about … Continue reading

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